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Slow cooked Lamb Chop Ragu

Slow cooker Recipe

Time to pull out the Slow cooker , the favourite appliance in my kitchen. We are all living busy lives and some nights are unable to connect at dinner time. The solution is to slow cook food so it is ready to serve at different sittings. Today's recipe is Slow Cooked Forequarter chop Ragu. Easy when you have Sourced range on hand in your pantry.


8 x Lamb Forequarter Chops trimmed

1 x Fennel Bulb ( Leek or Onion is fine)

6 x Mushrooms ( Portobello and Field were used int his recipe)

1 x pkt Sourced Italian Tomato and Herb sauce

1 x pkt Sourced Stroganoff sauce


Place all ingredients in slow cooker, stir and set to cook on high for 8 hours

Season to taste

Serve with Steamed greens & Mashed potato

Tip: If you want to really have a one pot meal add potatoes into Ragu at the start and add the greens into the slow cooker in the final hour of cooking.

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